Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Robot Food tames Honey Monster

Honey Monster is a brand of puffed wheat cereal, formerly known as Sugar Puffs but renamed in 2014 after its mascot. Last year, the brand was licensed to Brecks who relaunched it last week. The new look was designed by Robot Food, who also helped relaunch the Good Grain brand from the same manufacturer.

The cereal brand had great recognition, but had lost some relevance as parents opted for less sugary cereals. As a result, to product has been overhauled to use less sugar. The new look is a sharp break with the past that should make it appear more credible and relevant. The old brash and intimidating honey monster has been redrawn in flat colours to appear more friendly.

Previous logo.

The brand was refreshed by Smith & Milton as late as 2014 when it changed its name from Sugar Puffs to Honey Monster puffs.

The new packs will appear in early April.

From a press release:
Leading cereal manufacturing experts, Brecks, recently acquired the Honey Monster brand. A well-loved family staple for decades, Honey Monster Puffs commands enormous consumer affection and recognition, but had lost a little relevance. After reducing the sugar content down from ‘red’ to ‘amber’, the next step was a full repositioning and rebrand. Brecks chose Robot Food based on their reputation for rejuvenating classic British brands. The aim was to spark consumer reappraisal, and modernise Honey Monster Puffs as a credible, relevant family breakfast cereal.

Robot Food embarked on a study of consumer trends followed by a collaborative brand workshop to establish the new positioning, mission and values. After this came new product development workshops to develop a pipeline of exciting new products.

Working to the new brand blueprint, the team’s design strategy aims to throw consumers off their autopilot while retaining key brand equities – including the new-look Honey Monster, who proudly takes centre-stage on packs. Moving him on from a his old suited character, Robot Food created a flat, clean graphic Honey Monster for a friendlier, contemporary effect.

The new pack hierarchy is cleaner and clearer, and the prouder, bolder brand marque replaces the previous brash red logo with a tastier, more considered yellow and white colourway. The fun, straight talking tone of voice is accessibly witty with transparent pack claims – a refreshing contrast to some cereal brands’ tendency to over-claim on health and under-claim on sugar content.

With 25% less sugar than before, the new designs dare to be different, and express an honesty and authenticity. Bold, bright and confident, the brand now bursts with appeal for the whole family. Brecks have already extended the range to include Oat Puffs, and the stage is now set for a raft of additional NPD – in conjunction with Robot Food – that will take Honey Monster Puffs into exciting new categories.

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