Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Iconic tram for Hong Kong Tramways

Hong Kong Tramways operates the tram system in Hong Kong. Last week it launched a friendly new symbol, designed by local agency Stepworks.

The old logo was reportedly introduced in 1974 when Hong Kong was still under British rule. The new one replaces the abstract "track fountain" with a more literal image of a friendly tram. A press release further explains how the new symbol reflects iconicity, care, cleverness and convenience.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Different logo for Tele 5

Earlier this month, the private German TV channel Tele 5 revealed a funky new logo.

Tele 5 is independent of the two major private television groups in Germany, but can't really compete on the same terms. It's schedule is therefore mostly oriented to older cult classics. The new "retro-modern" logo appears to be a sort of affirmation of that position.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Landor creates conversational identity for Genesys

Genesys is a provider of costumer relations solutions, calling itself "the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions". Yesterday, it launched a new corporate identity, developed by Landor Associates.

Having traditionally focused on call centre infrastructure it has recently expanded into more modern solutions for costumer experience. The new symbol is inspired by the "adaptability and fluidity of human conversation", a representation of how talking to a business should feel like talking to a person.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eniro launches minimalist logo

Eniro is a Scandinavian search company, built around the Swedish phone directory and related services. Earlier this month it presented a new logo.

The new logo was apparently revealed with along with the company's annual report. The old logo was designed by Dolhem Design and introduced in 2010. There's not that much information available about the new one.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Logo round-up: April 2017

April was unusually busy this year, with around 45 new logos collected for this round-up. The Huffington Post shortening its name to Huffpost was arguably the most publicised change, but there were several other reasonably noteworthy changes.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Interdependent dots for MassMutual

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, generally known as MassMututal, is an American insurance company. At the beginning of this week it launched a new visual identity, designed by The Working Assembly, with strategy by Johannes Leonardo.

The new position highlights the fact that MassMutual is a mutual insurance company, "celebrating the gift of interdependence". The five dots in the new symbol represent the company's community of costumers.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dog and Pony rebrand Eredivisie

Eredivisie is the highest division in Dutch football. Last week, the league revealed a fresh new logo, developed by Dog and Pony. It's due to launch at the start of the 2017-18 season.

The new circular 'E' was inspired by the circle at the centre of a football pitch. The simple combination of circles and a sharp angle allows impactful use of the logo in animations and other situations.

Conmebol prints new logo

Conmebol is the amusing name of the governing body for football in South America, founded in 1916. Yesterday, May 17, the organisation revealed a new logo in Gran Asunción, Paraguay.

The new logo replaces a literal and complicated badge with a football, the continent, the flags of all the members and an abbreviation. At the centre of the new badge is a the continent with a fingerprint, representing the "audacity and passion of all teams in all competitions". The fingerprint is contained in a crest with a football behind it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cape Rock brings emotion to Ziggo Sport

Ziggo Sport is a sports channel operated by Ziggo, the dominating cable network in the Netherlands. Last week it launched a new look with new on-air graphics. Creative studio Cape Rock helped launch the channel in 2015 and they've returned this year to give it a new look.

The new graphics system was designed to be more closely aligned with Ziggo's brand and the enjoyment it aims to brings to its costumers. One element that runs through the package is the use of irregular triangles called "fractals", used a background patterns in most graphics and a elements to highlight energy and motion in the idents.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Syfy stacks up rebooted logo

NBCUniversal made two major rebrand announcements in one day last week, announcing new logos for both its Oxygen and Syfy networks. For Syfy, this is part of "a strategic point of view focused on a renewed commitment to the genre and fandom at large".

The old logo was introduced in 2009 when the Sci-Fi Channel "controversially" changed its name to something trademarkable as it wanted to expand beyond the sci-fi genre. The pure and clean logo was a break with the sci-fi clichés that preceded it.

The new logo is decidedly edgier and can be presented as both a stacked block and a horizontal wordmark. It was presented with an animated gif showing how it can be combined with various sub-brands. No design credit was provided for the new logo, which launches on June 19.

Oxygen moves from reality to crime with new logo

NBCUniversal have recently hinted that it was about overhaul its women's channel Oxygen to focus more on crime programming. Last week, on May 11, it fleshed out these plans by announcing new programmes from the likes of Nancy Grace and Dick Wolf (the creator of the show Law & Order).

It also unveiled a new logo as part of its transformation into a "fulltime crime destination for women". No credit or rationale was provided. The new look launches this summer.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Refreshed logo for Austrian public radio station Ö1

Ö1 (short for Österreich 1, "Austria One") is the flagship radio network for Austria's public broadcaster ORF, airing a mix of classical music, jazz, news, features and other public radio programming. The network is in a process of renewal with a new schedule and as part of these changes it launched a new logo at the beginning of May.

The new more abstract logo was designed by graphic designer Yasmin Sowa, who worked with ORF's design team lead by art director Michael Hajek. One objective in the redesign was to keep it familiar, but also mark a change. This achieved by keeping the familiar diamond shape, but radically changing the '1'.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dynamo scores identity for International Floorball Federation

International Floorball Federation (IFF) is the governing body for floorball, a sport played on a small rink where a tiny ball has to be hit into goals using sticks. Last week, the organisation unveiled a new corporate identity developed by Czech agency Dynamo Branding & Design.

The new logo has been stripped to the basics, the initials and a rings of ovals resembling the edges of a floorball. Unlike its predecessor, the new logo will also be used with the various events organised by the IFF.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bavarian state galleries frame common identity

The State Painting Collections of Bavaria (Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen) take care of the art collections owned by the Bavarian state. These have been collected over 500 years and include work from the 14th century until today. The organisation includes five art galleries in Munich and 14 associates galleries around Bavaria. Last month they adopted a new visual identity, developed by Peter Schmidt Group's Munich office.

While the galleries themselves are well known, their connection to a larger organisation wasn't public knowledge. Peter Schmidt Group created an umbrella system based around a common symbol to link them together. The new symbol is a monogram that combines a B (for "Bavaria") with a P (for Pinakothek, a German word for art gallery), with a clear separator that faintly resembles the corner of a picture frame.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

HLN wants to hit home with simplified logo

HLN (formerly CNN Headline News) is CNN's sister channel in the US, offering news in the day and various "true crime" shows at night. It has had a hard time defining itself, but has recently decided to focus on stories relevant to middle America with the tagline "News that hits home". Perhaps as a part of this strategy, it introduced a new logo yesterday (May 8).

The HLN logo was redesigned as as recently as 2015. The new logo is a simpler rendition of the network's name, dropping the speech bubble holding shape. On screen it appears in a blue square.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hawaiian Airlines welcomes refreshed identity from Lippincott

Hawaiian Airlines is the leading airline in Hawaii, operating flights to major destinations in the Pacific, including mainland United States and Asia. This week, on May 1, it unveiled a new corporate identity, developed by Lippincott. This is part of an effort to expand the airline by opening up new routes and introducing new aircraft.

The previous identity had plenty of goodwill, so this is an iterative update that builds on its predecessor. The airline's symbol – the "Pualani" (flower of the sky) – has been freed from the flower holding shape and thus features more prominently in front of a sun on the tail fin. The livery is finished with a silver maile lei wrapping the fuselage. The friendly look reflects the welcoming "aloha spirit" associated with the islands.

Nav Canada flies new logo

Nav Canada is Canada's civil air navigation provider, a privately run corporation. This week it introduced a fresh new logo.

The new logo builds on it predecessor with a bolder and clearer mark. According to Nav Canada, the new signature is using a "modern, vibrant blue to reflect the hues in the sky and radiating a sense of innovation, inspiration, and trust".

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pearlfisher refreshes Rio juice brand

Rio is a British tropical juice soda brand manufactured by regional brewery Hall & Woodhouse. Last month, it was given a fresh new look by Pearlfisher.

The agency determined that the old with its swirling images of fruits had grown stale and wanted to create a younger, healthier and more aspirational look.