Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cape Rock brings emotion to Ziggo Sport

Ziggo Sport is a sports channel operated by Ziggo, the dominating cable network in the Netherlands. Last week it launched a new look with new on-air graphics. Creative studio Cape Rock helped launch the channel in 2015 and they've returned this year to give it a new look.

The new graphics system was designed to be more closely aligned with Ziggo's brand and the enjoyment it aims to brings to its costumers. One element that runs through the package is the use of irregular triangles called "fractals", used a background patterns in most graphics and a elements to highlight energy and motion in the idents.

The approach and aim for the rebrand was to connect the new Ziggo Sport's identity more strongly to the fun and emotional aspect of the Ziggo brand. Ziggo ensures that everything you enjoy comes immediately to you, always and everywhere. That pleasure and feeling is expressed visually through the use of fractals. For Ziggo Sport specifically, these fractals have been implemented creatively to different sports and athletes. The result being a more contemporary, energetic and dynamic look for Ziggo Sport.

The sports idents build up the promise on an emotional level, making the connection with real athletes by showing them during from start to finish. This shows the story of the athlete's dedication, concentration and perfection. The fractals are applied to highlight the energy released by the athletes power and strength.


  1. Ziggo Sport is not A CHANNEL, are SEVEN CHANNELS. Correct it, please.

  2. Why you still saying that Ziggo Sport is a channel EVEN ITS WEBSITE SAYS THAT ARE SEVEN CHANNELS, NOT ONE.