Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pearlfisher refreshes Rio juice brand

Rio is a British tropical juice soda brand manufactured by regional brewery Hall & Woodhouse. Last month, it was given a fresh new look by Pearlfisher.

The agency determined that the old with its swirling images of fruits had grown stale and wanted to create a younger, healthier and more aspirational look.

Previous logo.

In considering the role that Rio plays in the life of its consumer — a younger, down-to-earth demographic with a balanced approach to health — we identified an opportunity for the brand to own a “feel-good moment” in a busy day, and defined a set of brand principles inspired by a central strategic vision: ‘Celebrating the Sunny’.

The new identity, which comes to life across murals, packaging, website and printed and campaign collateral, is bright, vibrant and uplifting, positioning Rio as a ray of sunshine in a can to establish a more aspirational relationship with customers.
- Pearlfisher

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