Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Minimalist graphics for SVT1 and SVT2

Last Friday, on June 16, Sweden's public broadcaster launched new looks for its main channels, SVT1 and SVT2. This follows the introduction of a new corporate logo last autumn.

Since 2012, SVT has used graphics built on colourful templates created by Trollbäck + Company. The new look takes a very minimalist direction with barely any elements other than the simple channel logos and the corporate typeface. The new idents are similarly minimalist, with the SVT1 idents featuring simple shots of places around Sweden where people are watching television and the SVT2 idents featuring relevant still images. Other than the thematically differing idents, there's no real attempt to differentiate the channels with graphics or colour, which does perhaps reflect an "on demand first" programming strategy where individual channels are less relevant.

Some new SVT1 idents can be seen below. They were directed by Daniel Griffel and produced by Belleville Film with post-production by The L_ine. The corporate logo was designed by Happy F&B, but at the moment there's no information on who deserves overall credit for the work on this graphics package.

Two stills from an SVT2 ident:

Presentation graphics:

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