Monday, July 10, 2017

Glitchy look for Fox Crime

Fox Crime is a thematic channel from Fox Networks Group devoted to the crime genre, available in several European countries including Italy and Portugal. The Italian channel was recently given a new look by Buenos Aires-based Inland Studios that is due to roll out in other countries.

Staying clear of cliche imagery, the new look has a more conceptual approach to the crime genre based around the idea of "deconstruction". This is manifested through organic dots and line, most importantly a glitch effect that is used for the logo and typography.

The rebranding proposal seeks to avoid the common places and adapts itself to a new way of understanding the concept of crime. The concept that guided the project was the deconstruction. Inland created an organic and complex system of dots and lines using 3d techniques, starting from the glitch and enhancing its reach by designing a powerful graphic language

The project itself has more than 120 editable templates in different tones. The color palette that was used works with shades of black, red, blue and white. Animated pieces were generated with each color so that the channel has a greater adaptability of branding to its contents. The Fox Crime universe is embodied in versatile atmospheres that go from the darkness of the dramatic genre to the intensity and vertigo of the red tones and finally, to the classification status in a more luminous system.
- Press release

Full credits:
Directed & Produced by Inland Studio.
Creative Director: Javier Bernales.
Executive Producer: Gonzalo Nogues.
Art Director: Julián Nuñez
Lead Animation: Gonzalo Nogues
Producer: Camila Nogues, Florencia Perez Quijano

Storyboard & Animatic: Natalia Bedrossian
3D Modelling: Damian Maas, Diego Tumites, Julian Nuñez
CG Supervisor, 3D Technical Direction and FX: Julian Nuñez
Rigging: Damian Maas
2D Animation & Transitions: Gonzalo Nogues,
Lighting: Julian Nuñez, Diego Tumites
Edition & Montage: Javier Bernales

Creative and Production: FOX ITALY GRAPHIC TEAM

Music for no commercial use: Can't Kill Us - The Glitch Mob

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