Thursday, July 20, 2017

Principals create simple identity for Xref

Xref is a tech start-up that makes it easier to check references for potential new hires, thereby speeding up the recruitment process. It was recently given a new brand identity by Principals.

Since Xref simplifies the hiring process, the entire identity programme is built around simplicity. This includes a reduced colour palette dominated by bright green and 'simple' iconic illustrations.

They had grown from a start up to a major player in numerous global markets and their next stage of growth depended on their having a more compelling and distinctive communications strategy. They had to shift from a supplier of interesting tactical solutions to a company that provides intuitive and actionable insights that help clients make confident and smarter decisions.

Everything about Xref comes back to simplicity. The clarity of their highly driven culture. The simplicity of their offer. Its ease of use. And their love of simplicity (Love. Simplicity) became the driving idea of their new visual identity. It’s fresh. It builds on their existing identity and projects Xref as a much more confident leader in the sector.
- Principals


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  1. This is a very good start up idea for a company! It does make hiring and applying for jobs easier for both the parties involved.