Friday, September 15, 2017

Atlassian shrugs off old man

Atlassian is an Australian company that develops enterprise software, for example the bug tracker Jira. This week, the company introduced a new corporate identity with a range of logos for both the company and its products.

With Atlassian's product being built around aiding teamwork, the two forms in the new company symbol should be seen as mutually supportive, as in two hands high-fiving or pillars reinforcing each other. Of course, it's also a stylized initial. It replaces the stylized image of Atlas used since the company was founded (updated in 2011). The new product symbols are designed to feel similar-yet-different, to separate the products but also communicate that they are part of the same family. The company also has a new typeface, Charlie Sans.

At the heart of this rebrand is our core focus on teams and our beliefs around teamwork. We believe when work is open, the full potential of teams is unleashed. Infused into our values, product experience, and business model, this philosophy encourages teams to think, work, and behave openly. Working open helps tear down the barriers and silos that keep people from each other and from the information that’s critical to their roles. Working open helps teammates interact authentically and honestly with each other, enabling more diverse viewpoints that lead to stronger outcomes. Later this week, you’ll hear us talk more about what it means to work open, and how we hope to help other teams to do the same.

We’ve built this belief around teamwork into our logos, focusing on the specific benefits we want our customers to feel when teamwork is at its best. And I’m proud of the end result. Like us, you may notice important symbolism around teams in the new Atlassian logo – two people high-fiving, a mountain ready for teams to scale, or even the letter A formed from two pillars reinforcing each other.
- Atlasssian blog post

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