Monday, September 4, 2017

Big and small logo changes for RTL Netherlands

RTL is the leading commercial broadcaster in the Netherlands, operating four general entertainment channels (RTL4, RTL 5, RTL7 and RTL8) in addition to a bunch of ancillary services. About five years ago, the four main channels were rebranded, replacing a common logo template with individual looks for each channel. Last week, on August 30, the company revealed new logos that once again draw the channels together by using standardized RTL lettering in every logo.

The new common "RTL" letters have been used by the news service RTL Nieuws since 2014 and by RTL4 since at least last year. For RTL7 the change is subtle, while RTL5 and RTL8 have been given completely new logos. The youthy reality channel RTL5 has replaced a dimensional logo with a flat one, while the change for women's channel RTL8 appear more lateral.

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Old logos above.

RTL Nederland

Update: Here are the new RTL5 and RTL8 logos on white background:

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