Friday, September 29, 2017

Lippincott creates ambitious brand for BAC Credomatic

BAC Credomatic is a leading financial institution in Central America, head-quartered in Puerto Rico and operating in several countries. Back on July 20, the company launched a new corporate identity, created by a team at Lippincott lead by Rodney Abbot. At the time we didn't have firm sources crediting Lippincott, but the agency recently revealed a full case study for this project.

The BAC Credomatic brand is a fusion of the retail bank brand BAC and the credit card brand Credomatic. The combination had been somewhat inconsistent in the past and Lippincott was brought in to solidify it and position the brand for the region's younger and upwardly mobile generations. From now on, the BAC Credomatic will always be used in full.

The bank is also more visually consistent, with the name always appearing stacked, allowing the redesigned iconic lion to "stand tall". It also uses a more contemporary style to portray BAC Credomatic as a simple and efficient solution for ambitious and striving people in the region.

Previous logo.

Part of the rapidly evolving, digital-first financial services sector, BAC Credomatic tapped Lippincott to help fuse the trust it had earned with its bank brand, BAC, with the innovative energy of its credit card brand, Credomatic.

The challenge at hand- to demonstrate to customers that together, BAC Credcomatic could deliver a full range of financial services in a uniquely modern and efficient way.

BAC Credomatic’s new brand story from Lippincott on Vimeo.

BAC Credomatic


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