Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SomeOne brands honest estate agent Yopa

Yopa is an online estate agent in the UK that aims to redefine "the entire home selling experience". It has a business model with more flat fees and less of the traditional commission that estate agents typically charge. This month, it introduced new visual identity, created by London-based SomeOne.

SomeOne set out to give Yopa a consumer-centric brand and achieved this by speaking "with an honest personality, sprinkled with wit and warmth throughout". The technological aspects take a backseat to focus on the agents that are still behind the brand.

Previous logo.

Text from SomeOne:
Personality is front and centre of the refreshed Yopa brand, strategically designed and rolled out by SomeOne. And fast too, as befits the brand – from brief to launch in 3 months.

A clever, adaptable speech bubble device pings out from the ‘Y’ of Yopa, allowing the people at Yopa to tell it how it is. It can help start conversations, can ask and answer questions and most importantly it can be the voice of the agents themselves.

People make houses into homes, people buy from people. It should be that simple. This needed a voice and a simple way of expressing it; and now Yopa has one.

Enabling customers freedom of speech and active engagement in the process, people can control all aspects of their sale from YopaHub — the personal online dashboard.

“In the spirit of being a people focussed brand, SomeOne worked closely with Yopa’s in-house designers to roll out the new identity. For example, during the creation of the identity elements, we created a suite of over 60 icons and illustrations together — designed to bring extra charm to a what is often seen as a charmless category” says Tom Dabner, lead designer for SomeOne.

All the work to come out of the new brand’s application sets out to show that with a strong, centralised idea and a true understanding of the market, we can create a genuine shift in the way people buy and sell their homes for the better.

“Even the sale boards have been stripped back to the absolutely necessary elements and nothing more — resulting in high impact and highly effective tools to get your home noticed and as a result, sold” says Dabner.

“SomeOne captured the essence of the new Yopa brand instantly, living the same values as the brand itself — fast, flexible and totally personal. It has been totally pain-free working with Someone. A really great experience that led to an amazing result”. Gav Thompson, CMO Yopa.


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