Friday, January 19, 2018

From 2000: Make-a-Wish by Luxon Carrà

One of the first rebrands announced this year was the Make-A-Wish Foundation refreshing its wordmark (see more at Brand New). The previous one was introduced as one of the first rebrands of the millennium in the year 2000, and is an interesting case study in itself.

Prior to the year 2000, the Make-a-Wish Foundation didn't really have a coherent identity and its brand recognition suffered from copycats. The logo for the central organisation was a photorealistic image of a wishbone. Back then the wishbone symbol suffered from low awareness, today it feels baffling in its anatomical weirdness. It also didn't work across cultures and was hard to use in layouts.

A new more ownable identity was designed by Luxon Carrà under Patricia Houden's leadership. The clever integration of shooting star with a clear wordmark was said to represent "hope, compassion and integrity". The execution was of its time with a heavy typeface and charcoal effect. It launched on January 27, 2000.

Previous logo.

Luxon Carrá was acquired by True North Communications later in 2000, and True North in turn merged with IPG in 2001. My understanding is that Luxon Carrà was "integrated" into FutureBrand after that. Former principals of Luxon Carrà founded TrueBrand in 2002.

Michael Collins was designer at this project and has posted a few images in his current portfolio:

The current logo:

Michael Collins

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