Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cleaner kids TV from Zapp and Zappelin

The Dutch public broadcaster NPO has two brands for its children's TV programmes, NPO Zappelin for those under six and NPO Zapp for those over six. These brands are used for children's programmes when broadcast as slots on NPO3, on their own dedicated channel and on the web. Last month, On June 26, the brands were given a refresh by motion brading agency Terra Lemon.

Terra Lemon were also behind the previous design for these two brands, introduced in 2012 and covered here. Building on the green theme that was reinforced then, the Zapp logo has been cleaned up with a tightened wordmark. It now lives in an energetic world full of sparkling colours. The green is supported by a purple accent colour. The new Zappelin world is filled with round animals and a handmade feel.

Old logos on the left, new on the right:

NPO Zapp netstyling 2018 / Terralemon from Terralemon on Vimeo.

"NPO Zapp is the biggest children's channel in the Netherlands. In a world that is increasingly connected, NPO Zapp wants to maintain a strong bond with its viewers and interconnect them in a secure, all-round media environment: linear, non-linear and online.

The assignment was to refresh the channel while retaining the presenters and to achieve a smoother transition between programs, promos and commercial blocks.

The market leader among 6-12 year olds seeks out limits, has humor and courage. Striking green is the banging basis for the Zapp environment, both a visual wink to the previous styling and to that of NPO 3. The purple pink accents by contrast make for extra dynamics and energy. The typography also sharpens this contrast. No frills, no frills but clear and tough.
" - Terra Lemon

NPO Zappelin netstyling 2018 / Terralemon from Terralemon on Vimeo.

"NPO Zappelin is a reliable media environment where young viewers can discover the world through television and the Internet in a secure way. The assignment was to refresh the channel but also to build on the success of the old network. Especially the world made up out of DIY objects received a high rating and should come back. In addition, the demand for more humor, more jokes in the animations. Each animation contains a small visual twist such as an animal that suddenly turns out to be a play object or an unexpected event when playing. The animals have round shapes, the world consists of DIY artifects and recognizable timeless play objects where everything has the highest possible level of cuddliness." - Terra Lemon

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