Friday, October 26, 2018

White and green look for organic brand Änglamark

Änglamark is one of the private brands from the Swedish supermarket chain Coop, offering a line of certified organic and sustainable products. The brand has been around since 1991 and earlier this month (on October 10) it unveiled a new package design.

Stockholm-based brand and marketing agency Priority is the design and development partner for Änglamark and they worked on the new concept. Their work build on the positioning "carefully selected, wisely excluded" by which Änglamark serves as a guide to good and sustainable products.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Logo round-up: September 2018

Some really big and noticeable logo changes launched this past September. The friendlier Uber and the shortened Dunkin' probably stand out to general American readers, but there are several others that made their mark, including supermarket chain John Lewis, beer brand Carlsberg, production company Fremantle, the Ad Council and Channel 4's thematic channels.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Leafy refresh for Dole

The Dole Food Company is known for both food preserves and fresh greens, but has recently started emphasising the latter. Last week, it announced a refreshed logo to appear more natural.

The familiar Dole logo was designed by Landor Associates and launched in 1985. This redesign doesn't really touch the main logo, rather they just put it in a leafy holding shape. As such, this isn't a major redesign, but Dole still apparently felt the new highlight it.

Stop & Shop greenlights retro logo

Stop & Shop is supermarket chain with 400 locations in northeastern United States. Earlier in October, it opened refurbished supermarket in Hartford, Connecticut, featuring a revived and redesigned version of the chain's traditional logo.

Stop & Shop used a clever and distinctive "stoplight" logo for many decades until 2008 when it was replaced by a general logo that could also be used by sister chain Giant. Evidently, the stoplight logo was still widely recognised ten years after being replaced.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Kontrapunkt creates brand for life insurer Velliv

Danish life insurer Nordea Liv & Pension used to be part of the bank Nordea, but became a mutual insurer earlier this year when Foreningen Norliv became majority owner. On October 1, the insurer changed its name to Velliv to highlight its new independent status. The new brand identity was developed by Kontrapunkt.

A core part of the new identity is a custom typeface where individual letters can be replaced by distinctive "curly" variations, similar to the one used in the logo. There also a set of still and animations icons based on continuous lines, presumably representing the longevity of Velliv's commitments in pension and life insurance.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Unified logos for Channel 4 thematic channels

Channel 4, one of the major broadcasters in the United Kingdom, also operates a portfolio of thematic channels. These are called E4, More4, Film4, 4Music and 4Seven. These have typically been represented by differing '4' logos that embody the remit of each channel, for example a chunky purple 4 for the youth channel and a colourful 4 for the lifestyle-oriented More4. On September 27, they all launched new logos based on the main Channel 4 logo. The work was headed by the in-house agency 4Creative, with help from ManvsMachine.

The new logos build on the refreshed lighter version of the main Channel 4 logos that was introduced in 2015. The names of the thematic channels are merged with the main Channel 4 logo in imaginative ways, with typefaces that reflect the content for the different channels. This aims to bring a sense of cohesion to the Channel 4 family as the rise of streaming services has meant that individual channels have become less important.

For most channels, this was simply a matter of rebadging existing idents and graphics to include the new logos. However, the youth channel E4 gets a set of 19 new idents. They were produced by various creative studios such as Studio AKA, Blinkink and Time Based Arts.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pink and naughty look for Vijf by Cape Rock

Continuing yesterday's article about Cape Rock's work for SBS Belgium we move on the company's second channel, Vijf ("Five"). Here, the changes were more substantial with a new logo a more radical visual shift.

Vijf is a female-leaning channel heavy on reality programming, which it communicates as offering "guilty pleasures". Cape Rock's redesigned Vijf doesn't shy away from fun and naughtiness with a heavy use of hot pink.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Playful look for Vier by Cape Rock

SBS Belgium is one of the two major commercial broadcasters in Flanders, consisting of three channels, Vier, Vijf and Zes (Four, Five and Six). Back in August, both Vier and Vijf launched new looks, created by Cape Rock.

Both Vier and Vijf rebranded back in 2012, launching unconventional looks with "light" logos. In 2017, Vier discarded that look for a more conventional four in a circle. Cape Rock's redesign keeps the 2017 logo, but cuts it up in pieces in a playful manner.

Vier is a general entertainment channel for a broad audience built around strong brands and local productions and the new look aims to give it a clear position through playful energy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Robot Food prepares Mr Kipling for international launch

Mr Kipling is a UK brand for ready-made cakes, owned by food manufacturer Premier Foods. Leeds-based agency Robot Food recently completed a redesign to give the brand a "confident expression" for international markets.

Mr Kipling has been subject to fairly frequent redesigns in the last few years. I put together a retrospective on the Mr Kipling brand back in 2012. Since then, the brand has been redesigned three times, with the last version by Coley Porter Bell launching as recently as February 2018.

Robot Food's work appears mainly targeting launches in the US and Australia, where Mr Kipling has an opportunity to be fresh challenger brand. The packages are clean and colourful with the product and ingredients at the centre.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cape Rock shines new light on Nelonen

Nelonen is Finland's fourth TV channel and the flagship of one of its major audiovisual media groups. It features an entertainment-heavy schedule, summed up by the slogan "Entertainment is good for you". Last week (on October 2) it launched a new logo and graphics package, developed by Dutch group Cape Rock who've redesigned Nelonen's supplemental channels Jim and Liv in the past.

The new logo is a bit chunkier and more straight-forward than its predecessor. It comes in four gradiented colour variations. The idents take inspiration from the northern lights, featuring joyous situations where the glowing Nelonen logo appears.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Kontrapunkt brands the Danish parliament - Folketinget

Established in 1849, Folketinget is Denmark's parliament. This week, on October 2, it launched a refreshed visual identity ahead of the new legislative period. Kontrapunkt under the leadership of Mikkel Lemvig was behind the new look which is designed to work better on digital platforms, while also maintaining a sense of history.

Folketinget's symbol has traditionally been a red seal based of the national coat of arms. In Kontrapunkt's new version it has been freed of its outer ring with its lettering, clarifying the heraldic lions and hearts. Instead, a new wordmark is used. It is set in a custom typeface inspired by the kingdom's 1915 constitution. There's also a set of patterns inspired by wall decorations at Christiansborg, the parliamentary building.