Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Traditionally modern refresh for Aladdin chocolates

Aladdin is a traditional Swedish brand of chocolate pralines that is sold in high quantities around Christmas. It is sold by confectionery company Marabou (part of Mondelez International) and has been around since 1939. Last October it revealed a new package design, its eighth in as many decades.

The redesign sought to be both more modern while also enhancing the feeling of tradition. The messy background was replaced by more impactful diagonal stripes.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Swedish publisher Forum rebrands for anniversary

Bokförlaget Forum is a Swedish book publisher for original and translated books in both fiction and non-fiction, generally seeking out books that are important to the here and now. It belongs to the Bonnier group, the largest publishing house in Sweden.

Founded in January 1944, they are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. In anticipation of this, they revealed a new logo in November last year, according to a Facebook post. The new logo is a simple shaded square, white an optional orange background colour.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

A new take for French-Canadian channel Prise 2

Prise 2 (meaning "Take 2") is a French-Canadian TV channel which shows older series and movies from Quebec and the United States. Last December it launched a new look.

According to a press release, the new look "represents the evolution of the channel" while also "retaining it's primary mission".

Monday, January 21, 2019

Logo round-up: December 2018

People generally don't want to rebrand in December, and last month the crop was unusually meagre, with only about 20 new logos included in the logo round-up.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Kurppa Hosk gives Axfood a modern identity

Axfood is a major Swedish grocery company, owner of national chains Hemköp and Willys. The company was formed through a merger in the year 2000 and has been using the same logo since that merger until today, when a new one was revealed, developed by Stockholm-based Kurppa Hosk.

The new look is intended to convey how Axfood is a modern and progressive corporation with a "strong, timeless and relevant" wordmark. Axfood functions as a corporate brand and is therefore scaled down and simple, as opposed to consumer-facing retail chains that are more expressive.