Friday, December 27, 2019

2019 in review

To mark the end of another year, we summarise the logos introduced in 2019. From a list of more than 700 entries, here's a selection of more than 100 noteworthy and interesting projects.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Logos of the 2010s: Finance & insurance

In our series of the logos of the 2010s, we've arrived at the logos for finance and insurance. The early part of the 2010s was heavily affected by the reverberations of the financial crisis that saw many institutions being toppled. In the United Kingdom, the Royal Bank of Scotland was broken up, reintroducing many brands. In Spain, almost all savings banks were merged into larger entities. But this was also a decade were innovation in payment systems reached the masses.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Logos of the 2010s: Airlines

In our retrospective on the logos of the 2010s, we move on another tangible subject, namely airlines and airports. These were troublesome years for the airlines, who suffered from thinner margins and combatted this by merging with one another. As a result, many of the more notable rebrands from the last decade were the results of mergers.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Logos of the 2010s: Specialty television

In our second and final instalment on logos for TV channels in the 2010s, we move on to speciality channels, mostly the ones associated with cable and satellite. One of the most substantial changes in branding during the '10s has been the decreasing importance of television. We started the decade just as the idea of launching new TV channels started dying off and by the middle of the decade we actually started seeing relatively significant broadcasters shutting down less important TV channels.

The Branding Source had quite extensive coverage of TV branding in the beginning, publishing special TV logo round-ups and special summaries of motion branding. You'll notice that most of the creative rebrands here are from the earlier part of the decade. Over time, TV rebrands started becoming less creative, with changing brand positions as the entire industry shifted from growth to managed decline. So, here's a summary of what's probably the last decade in TV branding.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Logos of the 2010s: Broadcasting

As we are approaching the end of another decade, The Branding Source summarises a decade of rebrands in a series of post with the most interesting and noteworthy new logos of the decade. We'll do this based on topics and genres, starting with television and radio.

The Branding Source had quite extensive coverage of TV branding in the beginning, publishing special TV logo round-ups and motion branding summaries. The huge number of TV brands means there is enough content to fill two posts. The first is about the big national TV brands, the public broadcasters, national commercial networks and general entertainment channels.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Logos of Dan Reisinger (1934–2019)

Israeli graphic designer Dan Reisinger passed away recently. Born in present-day Serbia, he moved to Israel after the war and became one of the country's leading graphic designers and a member of the AGI. He gained distinction as a poster designer, but was also a prolific designer of trademarks and corporate identity programmes. Among these were a series of posters and logos for the Maccabiah Games.

To mark his passing and to preserve some content from his soon-to-be-inaccessible Flash website, here's a selection of Reisinger's logo and trademark designs. All dates are according to Reisinger.