Monday, September 20, 2021

Logo round-up: September 2020

The Logo round-up returns with the new logos of September 2020 (i. e., a year ago). The biggest news this month was easily the new Intel logo, finally abandoning the classic Intel Inside swoosh motif it had used since 1991. There were also new brands launched for some prominent Internet companies like Nextdoor and Fiverr. On the international front, Wolff Olins branded a merged telco in India (VI), while Landor & Fitch gave a new look to one of Russia's largest banks and Greece's public broadcaster launched a refreshed look.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Classic Prudential logo replaced in Europe, restored in Asia

These days, most businesses take care to protect their names for use worldwide, but there are many historical examples where different companies in the same business have the same name. One example is the name "Prudential" when used for insurance companies. There's the American company Prudential Insurance, long associated with its sturdy Rock of Gibraltar symbol. An there's the British Prudential plc which is represented by the image of Lady Prudence.

In 2018, Prudential plc was split into two with its asset manager M&G and Prudential UK & Europe spun off into a separate company, M&G plc. Prudential plc retained the Asian and African business, meaning the Prudential name was now split between three different entities worldwide.

On April 20, 2021 they revealed a new logo for Prudential UK & Europe to be rolled out in May 2021. M&G had adopted a square logo following its spin-off and the new Prudential logo follows that theme, but keeps its own colour and uses the shorthand 'Pru'.