Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Acom flattens the ring of trust

Acom is a Japanese company that provides consumer loans and issues credit cards. On August 7, 2021, it launched a refreshed logo.

The previous logo was introduced in 1989 and designed by Dentsu. It was usually accompanied by an era-appropriate line shading graphic that is still a fairly common sight in Japanese cityscapes.

The angularity of the symbol (officially named "the ring of trust") was innovative for its time, but has lost some of that effect over time. The new version flattens it completely, almost turning it into a simple circle. The typographical clash between the symbol and the initial 'a' is less obvious in the Japanese version, which is probably the one that will be used the most.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Logo round-up: October 2020

The most talked about new logo in October 2020 was arguably the Gmail symbol which got recoloured as part of Google's ongoing refresh of their services. Other notable changes included a logo for Discovery's upcoming streaming service, the major airline AirAsia, the food delivery startup Hello Fresh and more refreshes for Facebook Messenger and Medium. 

The remaining round-ups for 2020 are prepared and will be released as they become ready, although I don't have a set plan for the moment. The round-ups have grown both more comprehensive and more international over time, which means they take more time complete.